Innovation - a long-term perspective

1.  Coherent long-term innovation strategy across organisation

2.  Change from risk-adverse to pro-active risk-mature culture

3.  H.R. - part of top management (focus on "right-human-asset-mix")

4.  Stable core operations (a must for operational efficiency)

5.  Improvement on Business Intelligence (better customer insight)

6.  Improvement of Customer Relationship Management skills

7.  Creation and evaluation of Strategic Partnerships

8.  Performance measurement is not "a spread-sheet exercise"

We all want to gain a competitive advantage. Can we also help our clients achieve competitive advantages - then not even the sky is the limit.

But before reaching for the stars we should consider having a culture, which encourages "real-time latheral thinking" and allows for "alternative soft metrics". 

 Henrik Ahlm, 10. May 2007