(covers education and full-time practical experience from 1962 up until today)


(any information regarding the full scope and scale of my responsibilities and/or quantification of results delivered against business metrics I have been accountable for throughout my career are available upon request)


Contact details: Tel.no.: +45 2135 4353 / Email: henrik@ahlm.dk

Main web site: www.ahlm.dk


(Private residential address: available upon request)


Executive Resumé


I have an international and practical background from different sectors (Retail, IT and Banking/Finance), where I have held different positions as a specialist and as a leader servicing demanding B2B and B2C customers with highly individual tailored solutions. I have primarily been involved with Business Development and Relationship- and Account Management. I am an Enabler and Facilitator of efficient and high-quality cross-functional collaboration and communication among professionals whatever their geographical location. My geographic areas of responsibility have been Denmark, The Nordic area as well as EMEA. I have never, consciously, gone for a management position. I always use network - pro-actively - to achieve excellent results. My communication skills are excellent. 


My values:

 “I believe a honest and responsible behaviour is paramount, that you “walk your talk”, that you have a short term as well as a long term view and goal, that you strive to strike a balance between being a caring and emphatic individual and at the same time being a highly competitive individual. It is important for me to live my values on- as well as off work.”

The distinct value I offer to an employer:


The core value I offer to an organisation is a world – class “hunter and farmer attitude” combined with the ability to identify and get access to “ultimative decision makers” as well as acting as a world – class facilitator (bringing opportunities and people together). I do this extremely well in a collaborative team environment, where all participants are committed, self-engaged and intelligent individuals and I am the conductor.

Personal qualities:

I am a conductor, a generalist, strategist and tactician, who is a charismatic, innovative, intuitive (fact based), persistent, global-oriented, self-motivated evangelist as well as being flexible, team oriented and with great lateral thinking abilities – acting with constant care (taking calculated risk). I thrive in a top professional result oriented international environment, where classic silo- and matrix structures might be necessary but where dynamic and fast and intelligent decision making is predominant. “I know when to lead and when to follow”!

Focus and Strategy:

Large accounts (e.g. Nordic Fortune 500). Conducting a multi-level sales strategy. Ensuring a win-win situation for all parties concerned resulting in a long-term relationship, Market and Business development.

Level of competency:

Managing Director, Executive Director, Senior Vice President



Relationship Management (incl. account mgmt. and sales):


·        B-t-B and B-t-C

·        “Door opening” on C- and Board level

·        Complex tailored solutions

·        Strategic relationship management

·        Initiator and facilitator of new possibilities

·        Enabler and Facilitator of cross-functional networks

 Business Development:

·         Client – facing (sales – oriented)

·        Establishing strategic partnerships

·        Proposal- and Presentation management

·        Strategic innovation

·        Pipe-line management

Project Management:


·       Defining project, Organizing team, Strategic Planning & Communication, Cross-functional Coordination, Facilitation, Identifying and validating requirements, Creating hierarchical decomposition structures, Understanding  risk management, Estimating, Creating project schedule,

Understanding change management, Executing and controlling the project & Project review and closing the project




·        Microsoft office programs and Lotus Notes




·        Danish                                                   :            Native Speaker

·       English, German, Norwegian & Swedish  :            Able to negotiate

·       French                                                   :            Basic knowledge


Personal competencies:


·        a Conductor, a Generalist, Strategist and a Tactician

·       charismatic, innovative & intuitive (fact based)

·       persistent, self-motivated and self-driven, flexible & team oriented

·       great lateral thinking abilities – acting with constant care

         (taking calculated  risk).

·       unique lateral abilities, emphatic, global mind set and excellent knowledge of

        human nature

·       bold and ingenious decision making, strong coordinator, team player

·       Independent and Resourceful, Critical and Inquiring, Persistent and  


Important preferences:


Professional development:


It is my ambition to study for an Executive MBA at Henley (36 months).


The reason for studying for an Executive MBA is, primarily, is to extend my global network, to be introduced to methods/tools and a frame of reference, where I can perhaps better understand and get alternative views/opinions based on the experience of and communications with fellow students and relate this information to the extensive practical international experience I have gained within several sectors as a manager as well as a specialist during more than 30 years. The world for me is a dynamic ever changing environment – so I do not expect exact solutions to most challenges.


I see coaches and mentors for personal development and guidance (need-driven)


Other important preferences:


I prefer to have my primary residence in Denmark (family considerations) but I am global available


Travel days per year ( approx. 80 – 120 days)


Personal and interests:


Danish citizen, male, married, 1 daughter  – 9 years old, good health, non-smoker, family, swimming, travel, golf, reading, global affairs, human resources affairs, entrepreneurship, business biographies and more


Current positions:

Bluewhale (since January 2012)


Senior Strategic Advisor and External Consultant


Bluewhale enables you to send large files to anyone, regardless of size limitations on sender and recipient e-mail accounts. You can also send very sensitive and confidential information as well as folders and subfolders.


MVC - DATA (since October 2010)


Advisory Board Member & Senior Strategic Advisor


MVC-Data ApS is an independent software and hardware development house whose primary focus is embedded systems development.

They are world leaders in developing wireless access control solutions.


Henrik Ahlm Consult, Hilleroed, Denmark (since February 2010)




Corporate Finance and Business Continuity activities - focus on evaluating the potential of start - up companies, providing funding from Ultra High Net Worth and their families and finding the right buyer for people/families, who wish to sell their company and/or finding the right seller for people(families, who wish to buy a certain company.

The funding/capital I seek on behalf of start - up companies is, primarily, "intelligent capital" not passive capital. In return the investor requires an equity stake in the start - up company


I am in the proces of raising "intelligent capital" to a software company focusing on the Healthcare Industry, Life-Partners


I am advising on Corporate Finance- and GeoPolitical Advisory work to a newly established Consortium advising a soveriegn Carribean state on how to attract foreign investments.



ConOne, Aarhus C, Denmark (since 10/2009):


Associate Partner

Management Consulting, Executive Recruiting and Capital Raising
Information Technology, Telecommunications

Advising on Private Equity and Merchant Banking operation focusing on raising “intelligent capital” for unlisted companies , Venture Capital projects, evaluating these projects, selling and buying companies.



Past positions/professional experience:



Aduro Asset Group Europe and CECA, Copenhagen, DK (since 02/2009 - 09/2010):

Executive Director, focus on EMEA - region

Establishing partnerships for selling Alternative Investments across Western Europe incl. the Nordic area


Established a Private Equity and Merchant Banking operation focusing on raising “intelligent capital” unlisted companies – primarily – for Seed projects (Food, IT, Clean Tech & Biotech) Venture Capital projects, evaluating these projects, selling and buying companies and promoting Alternative Investments. Building up a deal – flow network in Denmark and abroad

Nyberg Group A/S, Alleroed, Denmark (01/2008 – 03/2010):

Sub Advisory member – Advising the founding partners
Management Consulting and Executive Recruiting

ALOC A/S, Odense C, Denmark (02/2008 – 04/2009):

Vice President for Sales and Development outside Denmark
Financial Management software

IBM, Copenhagen, Denmark (12/2004 – 01/2008):


August 2007 - December 2007


Senior Strategic Advisor/IBM/Nordic role/Based in DK/ISO 27001 considerations and recommendations/Create and implement plan in order to create awareness of  the importance of a dynamic process culture in ITD.


June 2007 - July 2007


Senior Strategic Advisor/IBM/Nordic role/Based in DK/Establish a Visual Continuous Improvement Management System for IBM ITD SSO Nordic

based on Organizational Health, Quality and Cost.


April 2007 - May 2007             


Senior Strategic Advisor/IBM/Nordic role/Based in DK/Different strategic assignments


January 2007 - March 2007       


Integrated Technology Delivery Business Program Manager/IBM/Nordic role/Based in DK/Internal/Advising and Reviewing IBM Outsourcing- and General Management in compliance- and business control related issues related to

IBM contractual obligations towards largest outsourcing clients in Nordic area.


September 2006 – December 2006                  


Internal Auditor/IBM/Central Europe-German Team/Internal/Based in DK/Different audit assignments incl. test of Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning set-up in administrative centre complex, separation of duties issues, user id issues, accounts receivable and more.


December 2004 – August 2006  


Senior Strategic Advisor/IBM DK/Denmark/External/Based in DK/Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services/Focus on largest companies in DK/Target audience: Board, Chairman/women, CIO, CEO, CFO, COO, CRO


DMsave A/S, Broendby, Denmark (03/2003 – 11/2004):


Senior Strategic Advisor/DMsave (owned by Maersk Data and

Danske Bank) (bought by IBM DK 01.12.2004)/ Nordic/Based in

DK/External/Business Continuity and Business Contingency services

to 100 largest companies in Nordic area. Target audience: Board,

Charman/women, CIO, CEO, CFO.


Nordea, Copenhagen, Denmark (11/2001 – 02/2003):

Chief Consultant (Senior Private Banker), Co-responsible for Eastern DK, focus on resident UHNIs/Helping build up the Private Banking operations of Nordea in DK

Focus on UHNIs (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals)


UBS, London, United Kingdom (07/1998 – 10/2001):

Director, Private Banking, Nordic responsible, focus on Nordic resident UHNIs
Responsible for the Nordic area/Focusing on Ultra HNIs (liquid assets of + $ 80 million)


Nicholas Applegate UK, London, United Kingdom (11/1997 – 06/1998):

Vice President, EMEA responsible, Institutional Sales,Responsible for the EMEA-region. Brought + $ 110 million in from to very demanding clients. Is now a part of Allianz Group.


Merrill Lynch, London, United Kingdom (09/1992 – 10/1997):

Financial Consultant, focused on Nordic resident UHNIs and expatriate US

Co-responsible for the Nordic area. Specializing in resident UHNIs. Star Performer 1994/1995


Different small companies within financial services, Copenhagen, Denmark (11/1989 – 08/1992):

Sales Consultant, Financial Services
Selling diamonds, commodities and insurance in Denmark


Tæppeland Jensen Tæpper A/S, Glostrup, Denmark (09/1987 – 10/1989):

Internal Auditor – focus on DK, N, Benelux, UK and Germany
Retail (International Carpet Retailing)

Hudson Bay Center (Denmark) A/S, Snejbjerg, Herning, Denmark

 (05/1986 – 08/1987):

Head of Accounting
Hudson Bay Center Denmark - a subsidiary of the Canadian Hudson Bay Company (owned by the UHNIs family - the Thompson family). Was responsible for collecting and grading raw furs to be sold on auctions around the world. Main competitor was Kopenhagen Fur and Seattle Fur Exchange


Tæppeland Jensen Tæpper A/S, Glostrup, Denmark (05/1984 – 04/1986):

Internal Auditor – focus on stocktaking in DK, UK, Norway and Germany
Retail (International Carpet Retailing)

Tæpeland Jensen Tæpper A/S, Glostrup, Denmark (05/1982 – 04/1984):

All - round commercial pupil, Graduate / Entry level

Was trained in Book Keeping, Administration and Internal Audit


Different companies in the Fur industry (09/1979 – 04/1982):

Senior Fur Grader

Different positions in Denmark, UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland within grading, designing and marketing of raw furs as well as being in the army in nearly all of 1980




Roskilde University Center, Denmark (09/1991 – 06/1992):

Communications & Media Studies

Did not complete the Basis education because of job offer in the UK (Merrill Lynch)


Handelshoejskolen i Herning , Denmark (09/1986 – 06/1987):

HD part 1 (Finance) (did not complete because of ”alternative work load”)


Handelsskolen i Holstebro, Denmark (08/1977 – 06/1979):

HH - language (English, German & French)

Commercial High School with focus on language


Mommark Handelsskole, Denmark (08/1976 – 06/1977):


Basic Commercial education (Mommark is the only Commercial Boarding School in Denmark)


Holstebro Gymnasium, Denmark (08/1975 – 06/1976):

1st year of gymnasium with focus on language ("too red (leftist) for me")


Rønshoved Højskole, Denmark (04/1975 – 06/1975):

A Conservative school with focus on conservative values in a grown-up life-to-come


Skave Centralskole, Denmark (08/1971 – 06/1974):


Between high school and elementary. This general education stopped in Denmark in 1978


Borbjerg Centralskole, Denmark (08/1965 – 06/1971):

Elementary school in Denmark


Dundrum and Swords Protestant Elementary Schools, Ireland (09/1962 – 05/1965):

Pre-elementary school in Greater Dublin area - Republic of Eire




Allan Chambers

Euro Business Management Ltd. , Senior and Managing Partner
Former colleague and friend


Peter Friisgaard Lauridsen

Sparekassen Kronjylland, Head of Finance
Former colleague, former boss and friend


John Chr. Gade

Retired , Retired
Business partner and friend


Lars Hviid

ConOne , Managing Partner
Business partner and friend

Jan Jacobsen

A-Tex A/S , Managing Director and Co-owner
Former client and friend


Ramiro Penaherrera

Formerly Merrill Lynch from 1949 - 1995, Retired (formerly Head of PB in Merrill Lynch, Europe)
Business partner, former boss and friend


Troels Holch Povlsen

Bestseller A/S, Founder
Former client


All contact details on listed references are available upon request!




Born:                    Soroe, DK/Danish Nationality


Marital status:     Married


Children:              Daughter (born 2002)


Private address:   Available on request


Other traits:        Non-smoker, dark-blond hair, 187CM high


Off-duty time:     My family, swimming, hiking, reading, golf, music,

                             travelling, cooking, writing, skiing and nature in





2009 - 2010:             Member of Institute for Corporate Governance

                                 (Institut for Selskabsledelse (13))

                                 (focus on boardwork)


Since 2009:               Member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs


2006:                        Member of an Advisory Group/Mindlab advising The

                                 Danish Trade Council under the Danish Ministry

                                 of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in the establishment of

                                 Centres of Innovation abroad.


1999 – 2001:           Top client entertaining/World Class Partridge shooting

                                 for Nordic mega rich people and their advisors at a

                                 famous English Country Estate in Glouchestershire, UK

                                 (World Class Shooting)


Professional qualifications/exams (Financial industry):


Nov. 1992       SFA (UK)


Jan. 1993        Series 17 (US)


March 1993     Series 3 (US)


Aug. 1993       Series 7 (US)



Other Courses/Seminar/Lectures (Financial- and IT industry

from 1993 onwards):


International Investment Tax, Tax Heavens, Corporate Governance,

IT Governance, Business Continuity Management, Business Continuity

Planning, IT Security, Fraud, Crisis Management,  Press Handling,

Communication and Crisis, Internet Security, Outsourcing, Reputation

Management, Reputation Protection through Change and Conflict,

Operational Risk Management,  Asset Management (IT specific),

Compliance and Regulatory Program Management, Audit Business

Controls, Privacy Practice, Software Licensing and File Sharing,

Service Level Agreements and other contractual issues, Regulatory

Responsibility, Information Technology Security Standards,

Regulatory Compliance,  Virus and Malware, Identity, Access

Management (IT-related), Physical Security, FDA Regulatory

Compliance (Regulatory Environment, U.S. Drug Approval and FDA

Inspection Procedures and Achieving and Maintaining Compliance),

U.S. Regulatory Examination Framework for Financial Services

Sector IT accounts, IT Service-, Service Level-, Problem-, Incident-,

Change- and Capability/Availability Management Process Education,

Sarbanes Oxley legislation and many demanding international sales

and Relationship management seminars.


Project Management Orientation and Fundamental


(Defining the project, organizing the team and communication planning,

identifying and  validating requirements, creating hierarchical

decomposition structures, understanding  risk management, estimating,

creating a project schedule, understanding change  management, executing and controlling the project, project review and closing the project)


The aforementioned knowledge is constantly being updated in practice and theory – taking  into consideration my current assignment.


Other Details:


November 1974 to April 1975 I was in the Danish Navy as a constable trainee (Holmen, Copenhagen)


March 1980 – November 1980 In the Danish Army (Dragonregimentet, Holstebro)

July 1974 - October 1974 I was a shipmate on the coaster "Eastholm", which sailed between Rotterdam and Aberdeen with oil pipes and returned with sheep wool. The ship was owned by the man, who was responsible for the port of Søby on the Danish island, Ærø. Eastholm had a sister ship (299 BRT), which was sold to a Greek shipping magnate. In 1980 - the army called upon me and I decided to give the army (I like the physical challenge and sports) a go. They, quickly, send me to a second lieutenant school in Soenderborg in South Jutland, Denmark. Again - I found out - I did not want a military career. 19 years old I decided, that I wanted to study at a commercial high school. 23 years I decided, finally, that I did not want a military career. At 25 I decided to have a solid practical all-round commercial education. At 35 I decided to have an international career in Finance.


My own belief:


"Try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of nature and you will find that, behind all the discernible laws and connections, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion. To that extent I am, in fact, religious."   Albert Einstein


My Executive Resumé is available on: www.ahlm.dk


"Purple Rain" (Prince)



Hilleroed, Denmark 28 June 2011

Henrik Ahlm

+45 2135 4353