MVC Data ApS (MVC) (, a Danish company, needs capital need from an external investor. The amount needed is:

DKK. 4,6 mill./USD. 855.000 or EURO. 617.000 

Capital can be passive- as well as "intelligent capital". In return investor gets an equity stake in MVC.

MVC is an independent software and hardware development house whose primary focus is embedded systems development. MVC is, conservatively spoken, one of the first movers of access control appyling Bluetooth technology.  

MVC was founded in 2001. Until 31 December 2008 the two founders, Michael and Peter, were full-time employed in some of the worlds leading technology companies in their development- and research departments. Michael and Peter each own 50 % of MVC.

The founders are very well prepared. They have created high quality Business plans, cash flow- and liquidity budgets, competitor- and market analysis etc. They "live for" their products, which is always a key ingredient for later success. They are realistic and sensible people. Perhaps this boils down to their experience with defensive programming :)?

The founders are clever development people, who have realized, that they now needs skills complimentary to their own. Until now they have been 100 % focused on developing their unique product range. In connection with exhibitions in which MVC have participated they have done some selling, but they have not had a focus on selling.

All this is now changing due to my involvement.

MVC is a development company dedicated to the development of embedded software(embedded software is software used in apparatus - ie. everything that is not used / run on a PC (hardware near programming)) (completely down to bit level). What you see when you look at the products of MVC are only " the tip of the iceberg". They work with defensive programming - ie. a large portion of the code is defensive programming, which continuously and automatically checks that the products are working as intended - as stability in terms of robustness in the whole development process is paramount. We can not accept appliances often should reboot just as we experience it with PCs. We should always,pro-actively, be able to handle unexpected events. Michael has been involved in developing the ATC control, which is currently used in the large country-wide train network in Denmark. Michael and Peter have in their career worked for Siemens, Lyngsø and especially Motorola.
When building the Oresund Bridge - Michael was responsible for testing the combined Swedish-Danish security system when combining the different national train networks of Denmark and Sweden.

The latest product at MVC Data ApS is the AccessZone Control System. AccessZone® is a registered trademark.

The use for the technology used by MVC is "endless". 

In connection with the new version 4.0 Bluetooth Standard - a new low-power mode/functionality that enables multi-year operation of button cell batteries - is being introduced. This technology will be of great importance to e.g. wireless monitoring and transfer of configuration parameters and much more.

If you like to know more please contact me on either telephone or e-mail. I can arrange for a meeting with the two founders of MVC and a presentation and demonstration of their products. In connection with a presentation and/or demonstration Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) can be signed - enabling the potential investor to receive a copy of business plans etc.

No material will be forwarded unless a face-to-face meeting has taken place and an NDA - agreement has been signed.

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